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MKLINK(파일이나 폴더에 링크 걸어주기 및 해제) : 네이버 블로그 사용법 : mklink /h "링크" "원본" 폴더 심볼 링크 - 원본 폴더의 경로를 드라이브 문자를 포함한 절대경로 또는 드라이브 문자를 제외한 상대 경로 모두 사용가능하다. - 이렇게 생성한 링크 폴더에 대한 확인은 파일과 동일하며 목록에서 로 표시된다. MKLink Explained: Create Symbolic Links that Simplify File Using Software to Execute MKLink Commands. If manually typing 3-inch file paths into the Command Prompt just isn't your thing, you might want to go the easier route by using an app that can interface with the MKLink tool to allow for simplified symbolic linking within a user-friendly GUI. Your top three choices for such an app are: 1. SymLinker How to create a symbolic link using PowerShell? Mar 17, 2011 What is equivalent of mklink in Windows Powershell

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Sep 13, 2018 Link Shell Extension Creates Windows Symlinks With Ease For more on using this tool, be sure to check out the complete How-To Geek guide to using symlinks from the GUI or the command line. Link Shell Extension [via How-To Geek ] G/O Media may get a

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symlinker: Create Symlink, Hardlink, And Directory Oct 18, 2011 Moving the EA Document to a different Drive? — The Sims Forums litabelaqua - the mklink command should work in Win 8 but again there are problems as noted above. Sincerbox - It looks like your solution may be the same only with a gui front end. I'm going thru this with Ubuntu. Many commands have gui front ends and do the same thing. Hard links, Junction Points and Soft links in Windows Apr 26, 2018