IPv6 is the new computer address protocol that will eventually replace IPv4 which is currently the most popular standard. Unless you network has a specific requirement for IPv6, very few do, you can safely disable IPv6. Unlike other protocols, you cannot disable IPv6 by disabling the protocol on each of your network interfaces.

2 ways to disable IPv6 on Windows - PCsuggest Mar 10, 2020 Disable ipv6 - Comcast Business Support Community Re: Disable ipv6 What is it that's you're trying to do? Since you're wanting to disable it for your internal network, it might be an option to do so via the individual operating systems, although I would definitely recommend researching the device and operating system to evaluate the impact it would have if you decide to go that route. How to disable IPv6 on Raspberry Raspbian Mar 19, 2016 IPv6 support in Office 365 services | Microsoft Docs

IPv4 vs. IPv6: What’s the Difference? | Avast

Beside, disable IPv6 on specific network connection also does not disable IPv6 on tunnel interfaces or the IPv6 loopback interface. It’s also possible to disable IPv6 and/or Teredo via Windows system registry, which has the advantage to have the IPv6 policies applied to all network adapters.

How to Enable or Disable IPv6 in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 The Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a new suite of standard protocols for the network layer of the Internet.

How To: Disabling IPv6 – Cisco Umbrella In the event that this is needed once again in the future, there is also an "Enable IPv6 FixIt" available for download. Disable IPv6 on the network connection. The instructions below cover Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows 8. From the Windows 8 Start Menu, go to Desktop. Click or tap the Desktop tile.