Nov 09, 2018

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Jun 09, 2017

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Using Internet Explorer to Access IPv6 Websites - Win32

This causes IPv6 enabled public websites and services (just the unpopular ones…like Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc) to hang while trying to connect using the looked up AAAA DNS record. Here are a few tricks I have found to configure AnyConnect to properly handle dual-stacked clients to keep those eyeballs happy. The IPv6 must flow! IPv6: Internet Protocol Version 6 - AT&T Support The move to IPv6 won’t affect how you access IPv4 content. Websites will look the same, and AT&T will still support your IPv4 devices and networks. But with IPv6, you can connect with more content, more devices, and more people than ever. Outlook displays a "Disconnected" status when IPv6 is enabled May 20, 2019